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Industrial History General

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This file contains general books on industrial and economic history.

Please consult the How to Order section before ordering any books.

Allen G C  British Industries and their Organization, Longmans, Green & Co., 1964 impression of 1959 edition, pp332. Hard Cover.  VG on a VG- dust wrapper.  Following a general survey of industrial change since WWI, Professor Allen traces the fortunes of the coal, iron & steel, engineering, shipbuilding, car, textiles & building industries from 1918 until 1958.  £3.95

Ashworth, William  An Economic History of England  1870 - 1939, 1967, pp438.  Hb.  Generally VG in a VG dust wrapper.  There is a small tear in the dust wrapper.  A standard economic history for the period.  £2.95

Birnie, Arthur  An Economic History of Europe 1760-1939, Methuen, 7th edition 1962, pp281.  Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  A standard text, with an epilogue describing events immediately after WW2.  First published in 1930£4.95

Burton, Anthony  The Past at Work, BBC, 1980, pp175.  Photography by Clive Coote. Inscription.  Hb. VG/VG.  Slight wear to the top corners of the dw.  Chapters on: Before the Revolution, Steam & the Pit, The New Iron Age, Spindle & Shuttle, To Make a Teacup, The Venice of England, Steam on the Move, and Railway Mania.  £3.95

Chamberlin E R  The Awakening Giant: Britain in the Industrial Revolution, Batsford, 1976, pp168. Hb.  VG/VG.  Charts the technological advances that heralded the new age and examines the effect on the general population in both the town and the countryside.  £3.95

Dugan, Sally and David  The Day the World Took Off: The Roots of the Industrial Revolution, Channel 4 Books/MacMillan, 2000, pp192 with numerous illustrations.  Hb.  VG+/VG.  Traces the origins of the industrial revolution back through from the 1830s to ancient times.  £3.95

Dunning, John H and Morgan, E Victor (Directors and Editors)  An Economic Study of the City of London, Economics Advisory Group, A&U, 1971, pp460.  Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  The first comprehensive economic study of the city of London.  With the following chapters: Historical Review, The Present Economic Structure of the City, The City as an Economic Unit, Forces Likely to Influence the Future Shape of the City, Banking and Finance, Trade, Commerce and the Port, Traffic in the City of London, and Miscellaneous Activities£5.95

Emmott, Bill  The Sun also Sets: Why Japan will not be Number One, Simon & Schuster, 1989, pp275.  Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  A former Tokyo correspondent for The Economist presents a comprehensive assessment of Japanís economic prospects.  £3.95

Evans H  Vickers Against the Odds 1956/77, Hodder & Stoughton, 1978, pp287.  VG+ in a VG dust wrapper.  Slight wear to the dust wrapper edges.  How Vickers was transformed in the turbulent post-war era.  £4.95 

Filbee, Margaret  Cottage Industries, D&C, 1982, pp232.  Hb.  VG+ in a VG dust wrapper.  Spine sunned.  A survey of the many craft skills and traditions that continue to flourish in Britain.  £3.95

The Rural Industries of England and Wales

Fitzrandolph, Helen E and Hay, M Dorian  The Rural Industries of England and Wales, Vol. II  Osier-Growing and Basketry & Some Rural Factories, EP Publishing, 1977, pp159.  A survey made on behalf of the Agricultural Economics Research Institute Oxford in the early 1920s and first published in 1923. Hardcover.  VG+ in a VG+ dust wrapper.  £5.95

Jones, Anna M  The Rural Industries of England and Wales, Vol. IV Wales, EP Publishing, 1978, pp123.  The final part of a survey made on behalf of the Agricultural Economics Research Institute, Oxford in the early 1920s and first published in 1927.  Hard Cover.  VG+ in a VG+ dust wrapper.  A comprehensive survey of rural industries in Wales in the early 1920s.  £4.95


Galbraith J K The Affluent Society, Quality Book Club, 3rd edition 1977, pp287.   VG in a VG dust wrapper.  Professor Galbraith's classic indictment of private affluence amidst public squalor.  £3.95

Groundwater, Ken  Newcastle and the River Tyne, SLP, 1998, pp128.  First published in 1990. This is the enlarged edition of enlarged edition 1998.  Pb.  Fine.  A nostalgic photographic odyssey down the river Tyne.  £3.95

Industry and the Camera, HMSO, 1985, pp96.  Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England.  Hb.  VG+.  A photographic record of Britain's developing industrial life - from pre-historic flint mines to 20th century power plants.  £2.95

Lewis, Jim  London's Lea Valley: Britain's Best Kept Secret, Phillimore, 1999, pp124.  Hb.  VG+/VG.  An illustrated industrial history of the Lea Valley.  £5.95

MacDonald, Mary; Chadwick, Michael; and Aslanian, Gareg  The Environmental Management of Low-Grade Fuels, Earthscan Publications, 1996, pp271.  Hb.  No dw as published.  Very Good.  A study prepared by the United Nations Environment Programme by the Stockholm Environment Institute.  £6.95

Manners J E  Country Crafts Today, D&C, 1975, pp208.  Hard cover.  VG in a VG- dust wrapper.  A comprehensive guide to the arts and trades which flourished in past times, including wood & woodland crafts, wheelwrighting, coopering, the smith, thatch, milling, weaving, basket making, pottery and leather.  £3.95

Minchinton, Walter  Devon at Work: Past & Present, D&C, 1974, pp112.  Hb.  VG+/VG+.  A pictorial history of the remarkably wide range of industrial activities that has been carried out in Devon.  £3.95

Newell, Abm. A Hillside View of Industrial History:  A Study of Industrial Evolution in the Pennine Highlands, Augustus Kelley, New York, 1972, pp288.  Fine.  Reprints of Economic Classics SeriesA reprint of a classic study first published in 1925.  £7.50

Newman, Peter C  Company of Adventurers Volume 1, Viking, 1985, pp413.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  A sweeping chronicle of the Hudsonís Bay Company supported by careful research.  £6.95

O'Brien, Robert  Machines, Time-Life, 1969, pp187.  Pb.  Very Good.  Surveys the devices that humans have used to fabricate, process, communicate, transport and kill; starting with such simple machines as the wedge and lever, and encompassing some of the most complicated products of modern technology.  £1.95

O'Hara, Mike and Buxton, Ben  Purbeck Camera, Dovecote Press, 2001, pp96. Inscription.  "Largish" format Pb.  VG+.  Over 150 photographs from Victorian times to the present.  £3.95

Rees, D Morgan  Historic Industrial Scenes: Wales, Moorland, 141 illustrations.  Inscription. "Largish" format.  Glazed Boards.  VG.  With sections on Ironmaking; Coal Mining; Iron, Steel & Tinplate; Canals & Tramroads; Ports; Quarries; Metal Mines Smelting; Other Industries; and People in Industry.  £4.95

Rutter P A and Martin A S  Management of Design Offices, Thomas Telford, 1990, pp99.  Pb.  VG.  Engineering Management Series.  £2.50

Sampson, Anthony  The New Anatomy of Britain, Hodder and Stoughton, 1971, pp731.  Hb.  Fine in a Fair+ dust wrapper in an attractive green cover with gold lettering.  A witty, informal tour of the people who run Britain, and a textbook for anyone who needs to understand British government, industry, communications or finance.  £3.95              

Sampson, Anthony  The Arms Bazaar, Hodder & Stoughton, 1977, pp352.  Hard Cover.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  Anthony Sampson describes the development of the giant arms companies, beginning with Vickers, Armstrong and Krupp, and traces the origins of the recent boom in arms sales.  £3.95

Scanlon, Brian  Marketing of Engineering Services, Thomas Telford, 1988, pp112. Engineering Management Series.  Pb.  VG.  £3.95

Thompson, Hugh  Engineers and Engineering, Batsford, 1976, pp94.  Past-into-Present Series.  Hard Cover.  Fine in a VG+ dust wrapper.  A history of engineering from the pyramids to the present day.  £3.95

Totterdill, Brian W  FDIC Users' Guide: A Practical Guide to the 1999 Red and Yellow Books, Thomas Telford, 2006, pp405.  Glazed Boards.  Fair.  Incorporating Changes And Additions to the 2005 MDB Harmonised Edition.  Wear to the glazed boards at the corners and at the head & base of the spine.  £8.50

Treasures of the Science Museum, Science Museum/HMSO, 1998, pp132.  Large Format Pb.  VG.  A catalogue produced for a Science Museum exhibition in Japan for Festival UK'98 with coloured illustrations and a description for each exhibit in both English and Japanese.  £2.95

Tuffrey, Peter  Mexborough, Conisbrough, Denaby and Swinton, Chalford, 1998, pp128.  The Archive Photographs Series.  Small address sticker on the title page.  Pb.  VG.  Old photographs from around 1900 to 1960 illustrating the many changes that have taken place in the area west of Doncaster.  £3.95

Turner, Louis  Invisible Empires: Multinational Companies and the Modern World, Hamish Hamilton,  1970, pp228.  An academic study of the growing global role of multinational companies.  Hard Cover.  VG in a VG- dust wrapper with internally-repaired tears in the dust wrapper.  £3.95

Wilson, Charles and Parker, Geoffrey  (Ed)  An Introduction to the Sources of European Economic History 1500-1800, Cornell University, 1977, pp256.  Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper. Brings together a mass of statistical data on population, agriculture, industry, trade, transport and finance.  £4.95

Worswick G D N and Ady P H (Editors)  The British Economy 1945-1950, Oxford University Press, 1967, pp621.  First published in 1952.  Hb.  Fine in a VG dust wrapper.  A series of essays by distinguished economists written immediately after the period reviewed.  £3.95

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