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Back Track Magazine

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Please consult the How to Order section before ordering any books.

(See the third section below for Bound Volumes of the Back Track)

Individual Issues

Back Track Vol.2 No.4: Winter 1988, pp48. Very Good+.  Contents: On Shed, Some Notes on Tank Wagons, The Meltham Branch, LNER Tanks, Signs of the Times, WR around Oxford, Before the Preservationists Came, Diesels in the 60s, Midland Memories, Yesterday at Yeovil, The Battles of Saxby, Onwards from the Stagecoach, Vintage Great Western, Passing the Token, The KESR in the1940s, Yesterday's Observer, and Colour Files.  1.95

Back Track Vol.3 No.2: April-June 1989.  VG-.  Some superficial wear to the covers. Contents: Royal Race Train Duties, By Southern to the Races, Britain's Railways at War, In the Box, Scottish Selection, Eight Coupled Great Western, LNER Class J27, Steam Finale at Marylebone, Crewe at Home & Away, The Delph Branch, Yesterday's Observer, A Grey Day at Darlington, and Colour Files.  1.95

Back Track Vol.3 No.4: Sept-Oct 1989.  VG.  Contents: On Test - Rugby Locomotive Testing Station, Two Unknown, Diary of Decline, DMUs to Crewe, The O2 Class Analysed, Summer Days beside Torbay, On Midland Lines, Axminster & Lyme Regis, The Wooden Bridge, LMS Handbill Advertising, Yesterday's Observer, and Colour Files.  1.95

Back Track Vol.4 No.1: Jan-Feb 1990, pp44.  VG.  Contents: The Transition from Steam to Diesel, The Hardware of Railwayana, Every Facility for Progress, Diesel Singularities, The Scottish Scene: LMS Style, Hatton Cutting, East Coast Alternatives in Close Up, Super D, Lewis Centenary, The Werneth Incline, The Parson Byers Limestone Company Railway, and Colour Files.  1.95

Back Track Vol.5 No.1: Jan-Feb 1991, pp44.  Very Good.  Contents: The Changing Face of Hellifield, Some Thoughts on the Gresley Derived Motion - Part 2, Express Colour 1938 Style, Shepherds Well Station, North of the Border, The Last Years of Suburban Steam on the Brighton Line, Last of a Long Line, Against the Collar, and Colour Files.  1.95

Back Track Vol.5 No.2: March-April 1991, pp44. VG.  Contents: Woodhead, Railway Bridges versus Railway Engines, Tragedy at Irk Valley, Vintage London Transport at Neasden, Southern Steam Freight, William Stanier's Big Red Engines, One Crowded Hour, The Southampton Dock Tanks, and Colour Files.  1.95

Back Track Vol.7 No.5: Sept-Oct 1993.  VG.  Contents include: The Weardale Branch, Railways & the State, The Decline of Freight, Hops Pigs & Special Trains, The Pig & Whistle Railway, and Jubilees to the Rescue.  1.95

Back Track Vol.8 No.1: Jan/Feb 1994.  VG.  Some wear - about one-inch long - to the rear vertical edge of the covers.  Contents include: Wood Green Charter Celebrations: 1958, Edinburgh's Lost Trains & Railways, The Converted Royal Scots, Contrasts in 1964, Early Scottish Diesels, Along Kentish Byways, The Ashford - Newcastle Leave Train, and The End of the Broad Gauge.  1.95

Back Track Vol.8 No.2: March/April 1994. VG.  Contents include: Camping Coaches on Britain's Railways, Railways and the State Part 2, Manor House Collision, The GWR and the Swindon Building Society, Return to Donegal, Junctions at Exeter, Irish Baltics, and Cheddar Valley.  1.95

Back Track Vol.8 No.6: Nov/Dec 1994. Very Good.  Flashback to the Travelling Post Office, 1948 & All That, The Midland's Entry into London, Held at Signals, Midland Stations, The London & Dover Railway Part 2, and Great Western County Class 4-6-0s.  1.95

Back Track Vol.9 No.2: Feb 1995.  VG.  Contents include: Firing LNWR Engines, Memories of Euston, How to Save a Railway, and Gloucestershire Signalman.  1.95

Back Track Vol.9 No.6: June 1995.  VG.  Contents include: Railways & War in the 20th Century, The Railways of Yarmouth Part 2, The Express Passenger 2-2-2, The Revolution in British Railways Freight & Its Publicity, Southern Railway Corridor Coaches Part 2, A Victorian Railway Photographer, The Bury Knowsley Street Footbridge Accident, and An ARP Exercise in Scotland.  1.95

Back Track Vol.9 No.8: August 1995.  VG.  Crease down the vertical edge of the front cover. Contents include: Condensing Locomotives, Provocations: The British Dynamometer Car, The Race to the North - 1895, Carrying the Freight Part 2, Railways & the Suffragette War, and C. B. Vignoles.  1.95

Back Track Vol.9 No.12: Dec 1995.  VG.  Contents include: Were the Standard Classes Really Necessary, Capital Rail Scene, Rates & Fares: Part 2, The South Eastern & Chatham Railway Summer Timetable - 1913, The Great Central in East Anglia, Provocations: Failure? - Part 2.  1.95

Back Track Vol.10 No.3: March 1996.  VG.  Some creasing at the top edge of the covers - possibly from a paper clip.  Contents include: The Railways of the Wortley Area of Leeds, The Evolution of London's Underground Stock - Part 1, Recollections of The Great Eastern Hotel, Competition and the Railways, Fifty Years on the Railway, The Peaks in Retrospect - Part 2, and Provocations: The Great Western Boilers & The Great Bear.  1.95

Back Track Vol.10 No.4: April 1996.  VG.  Contents include: Provocations: More about Measurements, Route Learning, Railways - A Family History, The Evolution of London's Underground Stock - Part 2, Railway Topics No.9 - Wagon Loading, Poulton-le-Fylde, and Change at St. Boswells.  1.95

Back Track Vol.10 No.12: Dec 1996.  VG.  The Brighton Electrification Scheme, Four-Coupled Passenger Tanks, Welsh Rail Rover, LNER Motor Vehicles, Railway War Memorials, Pullman in Perspective, and St. Rollox 1951.  1.95

Back Track Vol.11 No.2: Feb 1997.  VG.  Contents include: By Tube to Rickmansworth, Newcastle in LNER Days, Southern Ramblings, and Bricks & Railways.  1.95

Back Track Vol.11 No.3: March 1997.  VG.  Contents include: The Rise of The Streamliner, Festival of Britain Trains, The GWR Toplights, and Parcels Traffic.  1.95

Back Track Vol.11 No.9: Sept 1997.  VG.  Contents include: The Foreign Steam Locomotive in Britain & Ireland, The Era of Sir Henry Fowler, Whitehaven Memories, and Football Specials.  1.95

Back Track Vol.11 No.10: Oct 1997.  VG.  Contents include: Manchester & Leeds Railway, Beneath King's Cross, Edward Thompson, and Carlisle Citadel.  1.95

Back Track Vol.12 No.2: Feb 1998.  VG.  Contents include: Liverpool Electric Trains 1935 - 1985, The Southern's Goods Traffic, and Kitson's of Leeds.  1.95

Back Track Vol.12 No.3: March 1998.  VG.  Contents include: Hawthorn Leslie and the Highland Railway, The Rise & Decline of the British Twelve-Wheel Carriage, The Hasting Line Electrification, and Steam at Waterside.  1.95

Back Track Vol.12 No.4: April 1998.  VG.  Creasing at the bottom of the rear cover. Contents include: The Signalling Revolution, The Manchester Sheffield & Wath Electrification, Western Region Lampman, and Railways & the Environment.  1.95

Back Track Vol.12 No.7: July 1998.  VG.  Contents include: 150 Years at Waterloo, Manx 125, The Woodhead Route Closure, and The Great Eastern's Locomotive Legacy.  1.95

Back Track Vol.12 No.10: Oct 1998.  VG.  Contents include: The LMS in Ireland, London's Electric Locomotives, The Claughton 4-6-0s, and The Gravesend & Rochester Railway.  1.95

Back Track Vol.12 No.11: Nov 1998.  VG.  Contents include: The Durham - Sunderland Branch, Steam on the Tilbury Line, Charles Frederick Beyer, and Earls Court & the District Railway.  1.95

Back Track Vol.13 No.1: Jan 1999.  VG.  Contents include: British Transport Films, Rails to Uxbridge, North Eastern Railway Express Locomotives, and The Cambridge - Oxford Line.  1.95

Back Track Vol.13 No.7: July 1999.  VG.  Slight creasing to the top front corner of the covers. Contents include: The LNWR Claughtons, The Coronation Scot in America, The Long Road to 1948, and Running Powers.  1.95

Back Track Vol.13 No.8: Aug 1999.  VG.  Contents include: Southern Railway Timetable 1939, 100 Years of Express Trains, Penmanshiel Tunnel, GWR Creative Identity, Eclipse Traffic 1927, Railways 100 Years Ago .  1.95

Back Track Vol.14 No.4: April 2000.  VG.  Contents include: Black Harry Tunnel, Mr Hawksworth's Pacific, Gillingham, Beyer Peacock 2-4-0 Tanks, and Grand National Specials in the 1930s.  1.95

Back Track Vol.14 No.9: Sept 2000.  VG.  Contents include: Railways - Britain's Gift to the World, The Development of Wembley Park, Midland & South Western Junction Railway 4-4-0s, and Traffic at Carlisle Citadel.  1.95

Back Track Vol.15 No.9: Sept 2001.  VG.  Contents include: Metropolitan Freight, Southern Scrutiny, Railways & John Betjeman, and a Tale of Two Goods Depots.  1.95

Back Track Vol.15 No.11: Nov 2001.  VG.  Contents include: The Taunton - Barnstaple Branch, Emerald Isle Innovation, Todmorden, and The Great North of Scotland in the 1960s.  1.95

Back Track Vol.15 No.12: Dec 2001.  VG.  Contents include: BR Clan Pacifics, The Loss of the Princess Victoria, Drummond's Bug, and Sir Alexander Henderson & the GCR.  1.95

Back Track Vol.16 No.2: Feb 2002.  VG.  Slight wear at the top corner of the front cover. Contents include: Early Days at Eastbourne, The Deltic Revolution, Railway Road Services in North East Scotland, and North Eastern Railway 4-4-0s.  1.95

Back Track Vol.16 No.6: June 2002.  VG.  Contents include: The West Coast Corridor, The Jedburgh Railway, The Irish Railbus Story, and To the Exhibition by Train.  1.95

Back Track Vol.16 No.11: Nov 2002.  VG.  Contents include: King's Cross, Canterbury & Whitstable Railway, King George V and the Railways, and F. W. Webb.  1.95

Back Track Vol.17 No.11: Nov 2003.  VG.  Contents include: The Deeside Branch, Observations between Wimbledon & Waterloo, Electric Trains in Ireland, and Early Midland Railway Goods Locomotives.  1.95

Back Track Vol.20 No.1: Jan 2006.  VG.  Contents include: The Yorkshire Engine Company, Great Northern Steam in Colour, Barry Works, Birmingham Snow Hill in Colour, Railway Station Architecture, and The Railways of Whitby.  1.95

Back Track Vol.20 No.2: Feb 2006.  Very Good. Contents include: The West London Line, LMS Horwich 2-6-0s in Colour, Merseyside's Railways in World War II, The Trans-Pennine Routes in Colour, Staffing the Highland Railway, and Railway Developments around Teesside.  1.95

Back Track Vol.20 No.3: March 2006.  Very Good.  Contents include: Beattock Steam in Colour, London & Birmingham Railway, 9F 2-10-0s on the Somerset & Dorset, Arturo Caprotti, The 1937 Metropolitan Transfer to the LNER, and LSWR T9 4-4-0s.  1.95

Back Track Vol.20 No.4: April 2006.  Very Good.  Contents include: The Sidmouth & Budleigh Salterton Branches, The Vale of Rheidol in Colour, Yarmouth Beach Station, Steam Locomotive Sheds in Colour, Southern Region Locomotive Allocations and The Stranraer Lines in Colour.  1.95

Back Track Vol.20 No.5: May 2006.  Very Good.  Contents include: Station and Works Pilots in Colour, Railway Canals, The Croft Pit Waggonway, North British Steam in Colour, Logan & Hemingway: Railway Contractors, and GWR Kings on the Wolverhampton Line.  1.95

Back Track Vol.20 No.9: Sept 2006.  Very Good.  Superficial wear to the top rear edge of the covers. Contents include: The Bombing of Britain's Railways, GWR 47XX 2-8-0s in Colour, The Mid-Kent Railway, Settle - Carlisle Line Steam in Colour, Trip Working, and Reading to Redhill in Colour.  1.95

Back Track Vol.20 No.10: Oct 2006.  Very Good.  Contents include: The Brighton - Plymouth Train in the 1960s, SR S15 4-6-0s in Colour, The Footplate, Sharp's of Manchester, Out of Paddington, and The 1938 Charing Cross Accident.  1.95

Back Track Vol.20 No.12: Dec 2006.  Very Good.  Contents include: Box Tunnel, The Royal Scot in Colour, The Easingwold Railway, Eight - Coupled Express Locomotives, The GWR Line through the Midlands, and Southern Railway Foreign Travel Publicity.  1.95

Back Track Vol.21 No.1: Jan 2007.  Very Good.  Contents include: The Bristolian, The Cromford & High Peak Line in Colour, Railways & The British Empire Exhibition, Southern Railway Steam in Colour, Consett Iron Ore Trains, and The GWR/LNWR Joint Line in Colour.  1.95

Back Track Vol.21 No.3: March 2007.  Very Good. Contents include: LSWR Steam in Colour, The Chester - Whitchurch Branch, The Thames - Clyde Express in Colour, Drummond's LSWR 4-6-0s, The Whitechapel & Bow Railway, and Railways for Posterity.  1.95

Back Track Vol.21 No.7: July 2007.  Very Good.  Contents include: The Warship Diesel - Hydraulics, The BR 2-6-0s in Colour, Liverpool Exchange, The Midland & South Western Junction Railway, Isle of Wight Steam in Colour, Beyer-Garratt Narrow Gauge Locomotives.  1.95

Back Track Vol.21 No.9: Sept 2007.  Very Good.  Contents include: The Southern's Big Tank Locomotives in Colour, The GWR at the 1924 Wembley Exhibition, The London & Croydon Railway, King's Cross in Colour, Sancton Wood - Railway Architect, and The Little North Western Line in Colour.  1.95

Back Track Vol.21 No.10: Oct 2007, pp60.  Very Good.  Contents include: The Thompson LNER Pacifics in Colour, The Green Enigma, GWR Halls in Colour, Mixed Traffic 0-6-0 Locomotives, The Great Central Railway War Memorial, and Irish Steam in 1961 in Colour.  1.95

Back Track Vol.22 No.2: Feb 2008.  Very Good.  Contents include: Waterloo Steam in Colour, A King's Cross Summer, The Ardler Junction Accident, Pick-Up Goods Trains in Colour, Goods Cartage & Railway Horses, and English Electric Diesel Locomotives.  1.95

Back Track Vol.22 No.3: March 2008.  VG.  Contents include: NER 0-6-0s and 0-8-0s in Colour, Sonning Cutting, Churchill's British Railways, The North Wales Coast Line in Colour, Dudley Docker - Wheels & Deals, and The Railway to Clitheroe.  1.95

Back Track Vol.22 No.4: April 2008.  Very Good.  Contents include: London Transport Steam in Colour, The Lyme Regis Branch, Chilterns Steam in Colour, The East Lincolnshire Railway, The LMS Scientific Research Department, and The REC & The Military in World War I.  1.95

Back Track Vol.22 No.5: May 2008.  VG. Contents include: The Falmouth Branch, Midland & LMS Class 2 4-4-0s in Colour, The Listowel & Ballybunion Railway, West Highland Line Steam in Colour, LMS Locomotives during World War II, and The Great Eastern Railway & The Tilbury Line.  1.95

Back Track Vol.22 No.6: June 2008.  Very Good.  Contents include: The Tyne Dock - Consett 9Fs in Colour, The Wantage Tramway, Britain's Railways in the USA, NER B16 4-6-0s in Colour, The Fife & Kinross Railway, and Southern Region Push - Pull Trains in Colour.  1.95

Back Track Vol.22 No.7: July 2008.  Very Good. Contents include: The Weymouth Harbour Tramway, Eastleigh Works in Colour, Franco-Crosti Locomotive Preheaters, GWR 2251 Class in Colour, Chorlton Junction, and Scarborough Steam in Colour.  1.95

Back Track Vol.22 No.8: Aug 2008.  Very Good. Contents include: The Southern USA Tanks, The Hellifield Station Collision, The Croydon Oxted & East Grinstead Branch, The Torbay Branch in Colour, The Future of the Pullman Train, and The End of BR Steam in Colour.  1.95

Back Track Vol.24 No.6: June 2010.  VG.  Contents include: LMS 'Jubilee' 4-6-0s in Colour, Dover in Folkestone, The Great Central's Southern Division, Railways and the Dunkirk Evacuation, BR Standard Locos on the Somerset & Dorset, and The Stanhope & Tyne Railway.  1.95

Back Track Vol.24 No.8: August 2010.  VG.  Contents include: Wartime Memories of Swindon, The Turnberry Station Hotel, The LNER in the 1930s in Colour, Reading to Redhill, Track Renewals of Yesteryear, and Northumberland's Railway Highways & Byways.  1.95

Back Track Vol.25 No.1: Jan 2011.  VG.  Contents include: A Southern Railway Fireman, Thames Valley Steam in Colour, The Abbots Ripton Accident, Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway Locomotives, Railway Power Stations, and Settle-Carlisle Steam in Colour.  1.95

Back Track Vol.25 No.6: June 2011.  VG.  Contents include: Blackpool Steam in Colour, Queen Victoria in the North East, The Great Central's Entry to London, Waterloo & Nine Elms Steam in Colour, The Midland Railway from 1900, and A Train for Photographers.  1.95

Back Track Vol.25 No.9: Sept 2011.  VG.  Contents include: A3 Pacifics at Grantham in Colour, Marylebone Station, Saddle Tanks on the Southern, Beattock Steam in Colour, Colwick Fireman, and The Wigtownshire Railway  1.95

Postage and packing on all orders up to 10 is only 2.80 to anywhere in the UK.  You can therefore purchase up to five issues of Back Track from this section and still only pay 2.80 for postage and packing.  

Bound Volumes

Back Track Vol.4 1990.  Fine.  Bound in the publisher's dark green cloth featuring the Back Track and Wheel Logo on the front.  Volume 4 consists of the six 1990 issues.  24.50

Back Track Vol.5 1991.  VG+.  Bound in the publisher's dark green cloth featuring the Back Track and Wheel Logo on the front.  The top front corner of the covers is slightly bumped. Volume 5 consists of the six 1991 issues.  24.50

Back Track Vol.6 1992.  VG+.  Bound in the publisher's dark green cloth featuring the Back Track and Wheel Logo on the front.  The bottom front corner is slightly bumped. Volume 6 consists of the six 1992 issues.  24.50

Back Track Vol.7 1993.  Fine.  Bound in the publisher's dark green cloth featuring the Back Track and Wheel Logo on the front. Volume 7 consists of the six 1993 issues.  24.50

Back Track Vol.8 1994.  VG+.  Bound in the publisher's dark green cloth featuring the Back Track and Wheel Logo on the front. Volume 8 consists of the six 1994 issues.  24.50

Back Track Vol.9 1995.  VG.  Bound in the publisher's dark green cloth featuring the Back Track and Wheel Logo on the front. The top front corner of the covers is slightly bumped.  Volume 9 consists of the twelve 1995 issues.  24.50

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