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  Continental Railway Journal  

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The Continental Railway Journal was published by the Continental Railway Circle for over 50 years from 1962 until 2013 when it merged with Locomotives International.  It was edited by Lance King and regularly reported on at least 30 countries. The back issues therefore provide a valuable reference source for foreign railway developments over the period. 

From 1962 until 1969 The Continental Railway Journal was published in duplicated form with very few illustrations.  Very few copies of this original series are available in reasonable condition.

Individual Issues

Continental Railway Journal No.11 September 1972, p310-p343.  Pb.  VG.  Old price sticker on the front cover.  Includes: Tunisian Railways Part 3 Motive Power (continued) by P. M. Kalla-Bishop, India 1970 Part 2 by A. E. Durrant, and Articulated Locomotives Part 3 Shay Locomotives by P. M. Kalla-Bishop.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.20 December 1974, p182-p215.  Pb. VG.  Includes: The Australian Steam Scene - 1974 by H. J. Wright, and Oil Palm Estate Railways of Sumatra by F. Jones.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.22 June 1975, p254-p287.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Mysore Iron & Steelworks, Bhadravati by L. G. Marshall, Reopening of the Pichi Richi Railway by John Joyce, and Naming of French Locomotives by David Dixon.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.25 March 1976, p362-p407.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Malawi & Trans-Zambesia Railways by D. R. Bell, Railway Preservation Overseas No.4 Switzerland (Part 2) by R. A. Bowen and F. L. Pugh.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.30 Summer 1977, p118-p143.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Industrial Steam in South Africa by A. E. Durrant, and The Zillertalbahn Part 1 by Derek A. Bayliss.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.31 Autumn 1977, p146-p183.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Believe it or Not! by T. B. Owen, Australian Walkabout 1977 Part 1 - Victoria by Patrick J. Lane, The Zillertalbahn Part 2 by Derek A. Bayliss, and Motipur Sugar by Ray Marsh.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.34 Summer 1978, p258-287.  Pb. VG.  Includes: Australian Walkabout 1977 Part 2 - New South Wales and Canberra ACT by Patrick J. Lane.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.42 Summer 1980, p110-p139.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Tweefontein United Collieries: An Expanding South African Coalfield and Railway System by A. E. Durrant.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.47 Autumn 1981, p286-p327.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: The End of an Era by A. P. Smith, Johannesburg's Mining Museum Railway by A. E. Durrant, The Guayaquil & Quito in 1980 by A. E. Durrant, USA Preservation Round-Up (continued from CRJ 46), and South Africa's Double-Deck Carriage by Ross Willson.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.48 Winter 1981/82, p330-p359. Pb. VG.  Includes: Rustenburg Platinum Mines, Rustenburg Section: A South African mining complex and railway, Steam in Uruguay - 1980 by A. E. Durrant, and The Pichi Richi Railway and its Historical Background by Patrick Lane.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.49 Spring 1982, p362-p403.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Table Bay Shunters: A Pictorial Tribute by A. E. Durrant, Cuban Sugar Mill Railways Part 1, Zimbabwe 1981 by A. E. Durrant.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.50 Summer 1982, p406-p435.  Pb.  VG.  The last issue of Vol.4. Includes: Behind the Bamboo Curtain 1980-82 Part 1 - Locomotive Types, and The Swaziland Railway Today by A. E. Durrant.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.52 Winter 1982/83, p50-p79.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Behind the Bamboo Curtain 1980-82 Part 3 - Industrial Railways, and Steam in Burma - 1982 by Geoff Percival.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.53 Spring 1983, p82-p119.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: The Railways of Ecuador by Henry Gunston, and Behind the Bamboo Curtain 1980-82 Postscript to Part 1 - Locomotive Types.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.55 Autumn 1983, p154-p183.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Steam in the Philippines 1983, and The JF that Never Got to China by W. A. Pearce.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.56 Winter 1983/84, p186-p223.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Brazil 1983 by A. E. Durrant, and CP Narrow Gauge Railway Museums by W. J. K. Davies.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.57 Spring 1984, p226-p255.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Locomotive Performance in South Africa by D. Wardale, Brazilian Panorama by A. E. Durrant, Ferrocarril del Pacifico de Nicaragua by Nick Lera, and Continental 15-inch Gauge Steam Locomotives by J. R. Batts.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.58 Summer 1984, p258-p293.  Pb.  VG.  There is a slight vertical fold in this issue. Includes: Locomotive Preservation in Czechoslovakia, and index to Volume 4.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.59 Autumn 1984, p298-p327.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: The Devil Rides: A remarkable run behind the world's most modern locomotive by A. E. Durrant,  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.60 Winter 1984/85, p330-p371.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: Mountain Climbing in Ecuador by Henry Gunston.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.65 Spring 1986, p82-p111.  Pb. VG.  Includes: Albanian Steam Locomotives by Uwe Bergmann, and Diamond City Steam Centenary by A. E. Durrant.  1.95

Continental Railway Journal No.134 Summer 2003, p598-p647.  Pb.  VG.  Includes: To Warrnambool with Steam by Paul A. Collin.  1.95

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