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Industrial Railway Record

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The journal of the Industrial Railway Society.

Industrial Railway Record No.44 Oct 1972, Industrial Railway Society, p265-p300.  Pb.  VG.  Contents include: Industrial Terriers by H. A. Gamble, Recollections of South East Asia 1971 (1) Some Sugar Mill Locomotives of Indonesia & (2) Preservation in Thailand by Frank Jones, Industrial Railways of Bedfordshire: Kempston Hardwick Brickworks by S. A. Leleux, Joseph & Bridgewater by G. Hayes, and Hydroleum Locomotives by F. Kemper.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.54 June 1974, Industrial Railway Society, p237-p272.  Pb.  VG.  Contents include: Lidgett Colliery by Trevor J. Lodge, Marquis by Trevor J. Lodge, The Industrial Railways of Teesside by Harold L. Beadle, and Redstone by D. Clayton.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.58 Feb 1975, Industrial Railway Society, p365-p396.  Pb.  VG.  Contents include: Topham by Allan C. Baker, A Kilmarnock Miscellany, A Decade on the Moor by R. E. Taylor, Chaplin's Contractors' Locomotive, Narrow Gauge Wagons: Lee's Works, Halling by C. G. Down, and Accident to Portsmouth.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.61 Aug 1975, Industrial Railway Society, p65-p96.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: The Kosi Project Railway by John Benson, Steam or Petrol by Brian Webb, Baguley 621, A Proposed Bagnall by Roger E. West and Allan C. Baker, Scene at Falkirk High by Sid Barnes, Rails across the Border by C. Carter, A Darmstadt Locomotive, Explosion at Bowling Iron Works, and Narrow Gauge Wagons: Rhosydd Gripper Wagon by C. G. Down.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.64 Feb 1976, Industrial Railway Society, p161-p188.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: Poland - 1975 by Lindsay McDougall, Explosion at Northumberland Dock, Narrow Gauge Wagons: Penmaenmawr Quarries by C. G. Down, Petrol Electric locomotives on the Welsh Highland Railway, and A Curious Locomotive.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.83 Dec 1979, Industrial Railway Society, p49-p88.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: Bagnall Industrials Par Excellence by Allan C. Baker; Diesel Electrics for India by Adrian J. Booth; An Old Colliery Locomotive; Some Lesser Known Cornish Tramways by G. Smith-Grogan; The Kennet and Avon Canal Light Railway by Adrian J. Booth; The Modern Scene, ICI Cheshire by R. D. Darvill; Narrow Gauge Wagons, Cumbrian Gripper Wagons by Peter Holmes; A Second Look at Matallana by Roger E. West; and Early British Locomotives for Nova Scotia by L. G. Charlton.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.89 June 1981, Industrial Railway Society, p281-p320.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: SLM Standard Gauge Industrial Steam Locomotives by Kurt Niederer; The Masirah State Railway by W. F. Simms; Darlington - 1963 by Brian Webb; 'Falcon'; The Newbury Railway: A Postscript; Barclays at Waterside by Philip J Hindley; A Signalling Problem by Charles S. Small; German Underground Locomotives by Peter Holmes; Mishap at Cleveland Bridge by Adrian J Booth; and Industrial Railways without Locomotives by C. G. Down.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.90 Sept 1981, Industrial Railway Society, p321-p356.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: Tom Puddings at St John's by Michael G. Fell; Pouk Hill Ragstone Quarry; Lost at Sea by R. D. Darvill; Renown by Roger E. West; Picture Parade by Fabio Cherubini; Sparrows Point by Adrian J. Booth; Explosion at Middlesborough; A Scotsman in Sweden? by Jan Ericson; and Narrow Gauge Wagons: Niddrie Colliery by Peter Holmes.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.91 Dec 1981, Industrial Railway Society, p357-p388.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: Memories of Corby Works by Jim Wade, Rhymes of the Royal Air Force, Blast Furnace Highline by R. D. Darvill, Some Coal Railways of New South Wales - A Postscript by Richard T. Horne, The Modern Scene: Barclay Locomotives by Adrian J. Booth, A Morris Locomotive by Peter Holmes, Contractors Miscellany by K. P. Plant, Accident at Backworth Colliery, Narrow Gauge Wagons: Manod Coal Wagon by C. G. Down, and The Hudson Paraffin Rail Tractor by Cliff Shepherd.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.93 June 1982, Industrial Railway Society, p421-p460.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: Caribbean Can Tramways (1) The Lesser Antilles by R. R. Darsley; Contractors Miscellany by K. P. Plant; Tynesider and the Contractor; The 1982 Photographic Competition; The Salvation Army Railway by H. W. Parr; The Sheba Tramway by K. P. Plant; A Standard Gauge Simplex by R. D. Darvill; Picture Parade by Frank Jones; Peckett 484 by Trevor J. Lodge; A Richter & Pickis Locomotive by Sydney A. Leleux; and Mossbrook Colliery by Adrian J. Booth.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.95 December 1982, Industrial Railway Society, p37-p72.  Pb.  VG.  Slight loss of colour to the covers.  Contents: The Romford Brewery Railway by H. W. Paar; Krauss 2179 by K. McCarthy; Shepherd V. C. by David Ragsdale; Hornsby-Akroyd Locomotives by C. G. Down; The Modern Scene - Lancashire by R. D. Darvill; Contractors Miscellany by K. P. Plant; Key & Kramer Ltd by Adrian J. Booth; and Peckett Diesels - A Postscript by C. G. Down.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.97 December 1983, Industrial Railway Society, p109-p148.  Pb.  VG.  Slight wear to the covers.  Contents: Newdigate Colliery by Michael J. Lee; The First Railway in Essex by H. W. Parr; A Policy for Preservation by Rodney Weaver; Picture Parade; and An Unusual Recovery Operation by Lt. Col. J. S. Walker.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.98 February 1984, Industrial Railway Society, p149-p188.  Pb.  VG.  Slight wear to the covers.  Contents: J. & J. Colman Ltd by R. R. Darsley; Island Mystery by Charles S. Small; Logan Locomotives; Memories of Rawnsley in 1960 by Roger Hateley; Narrow Gauge Wagons: Penrhyn Quarrymen's Coaches by C. G. Down; North British Six-Coupled Tanks by Frank Jones; Roses by Other Names by Eric S. Tonks; and The Kepwick Railway by Michael C. Morley.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.99 May 1984, Industrial Railway Society, p189-p216.  Pb.  VG.  Slight wear to the covers. Contents: Manning Wardle 60 the 1862 exhibition engine by F. W. Harman; Eregli Steelworks Locomotives by R. D. Darvill; Motor Rail and Planet Locomotives by Brian Webb; A Jeffrey Mining Locomotive by Trevor J. Lodge; Dorchester Barracks by M. J. O'Connor; Industrial Injury at Distington by Phil Baggley.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.100 Feb 1985, Industrial Railway Society, p217-p276.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: A Record Hundred 1962-1985, The First Hundred Bagnalls by Allan C. Baker, Centenary by Ken plant, 100 by Jim Peden, Vanguard & Bluebell by Adrian J. Booth, Dorman Long 100 by Adrian J. Booth, Ebbw Vale 100 by Ken Plant, Centurion by Ken Plant, No.100 by Ken Plant, London Transport's E.S.L. 100 by R. D. Darvill, One Day's Tally by Roger West.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.101 May 1985, Industrial Railway Society, p277-p308.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: New Century Locos at Nenthead by Peter Holmes; The Portesham Tramway by M. J. Messenger; Sand Quarrying around Middleton by R. R. Darsley and C. Fisher; Roundtree's 'Marshall' Locomotive by Trevor J. Lodge.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.102 September 1985, Industrial Railway Society, p309-p340.  Pb.  VG.  Slight wear to the covers.  Contents: The Kinmel Camp Railway by Philip G. Hindley; The Gobbing Railway of the Saint-Etienne Collieries; Peckett Diesels - Some Further Postscripts; Manning Wardle Locomotives in Preservation by John Morley; and Narrow Gauge Wagons: Laxey Lead Mines by Peter Holmes.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.104 March 1986, Industrial Railway Society, p373-p400.  Pb.  VG.  Slight wear to the covers.  Contents: An Afternoon Ashore by C. M. Jackson; The Ruston & Hornsby Class LLSH by R. D. Darvill, Eddystone's Baby by Rodney Weaver; Oxfordshire Ironstone Signalboxes by Mike Christiansen; Greenwood & Batley Locomotives by Adrian J. Booth; The Redesdale Range Railway by Roger Jermy; Mistaken Identity by Charles S. Small; Contractors Miscellany by Peter Lee; British Locomotives on the Baltic by Jan Ericson.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.105 June 1986, Industrial Railway Society, p401-p436.  Pb.  VG.  Slight loss of colour to the cover edges.  Contents: Swiss Post Office Locos by Adrian J. Booth, Flowerpot Refuse Tip by Geoffrey Hill, Picture Parade by Alan Pike, South Africa for Industrial Steam by A. E. Durrant, Middlesbrough Dock Railway by Cliff Shepherd, and Narrow Gauge Wagons: Barrow Hematite Steel Co Ltd by Peter Holmes.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.114 Sept 1988, Industrial Railway Society, p277-p312.  Pb.  VG.  Slight wear to the edges of the covers.  Contents: Working on the Gin Pit Railway by Steven Oakden, Thomas Docwra & Son, Two West Midlands Tipping Wagons by Ray Shill and Peter Holmes, Iso Speedic Locomotives (2) by R. D. Darvill, The Weidknecht Radial Axle by Rodney Weaver, The 1988 Photographic Competition, and An Andrew Barclay Rebuild, by R. D. Darvill.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.119 December 1989, Industrial Railway Society, p37-p72.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: St. Edward's Hospital Railway by Philip J. Ashworth, Forty Years with the Railway Society by Eric Tonks, Jura, Sawit Sebrang Estate by Uwe Bergmann, Invitations to Tender by Ray Shill, 100 Tonnes Industrial Locomotive; and Rail Traffic at the Pyewipe Works by J. A. Foster.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.121 June 1990, Industrial Railway Society, p109-p144.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: Industrial Review of 1989 by R. D. Darvill and J. A. Foster, Maud by John Butler, Bowhill Colliery Locomotives by Peter Holmes, The Locomotives of Neath Abbey Iron Company by Laurence Ince, Lucky Encounters by Trevor Riddle, Mystery Corner by E. D. Chambers, and South Gare by Cliff Shepherd.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.122 September 1990, Industrial Railway Society, p145-p180.  Pb.  VG.  Some colour loss to the covers down the spine. Contents: Eighteen Inch Gauge Heavyweighs by Alan C. Baker, A Light Railway at Stanton Moor, Derbyshire by Stewart Ainsworth, Ley's Sidings by D. B. Blackhall, Yorkshire Diesels at Workington by R. D. Darvill, and Some Public Works Contractors by W. J. Fletcher.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.125 June 1991, Industrial Railway Society, p261-p296.  Pb.  VG.  Slight loss of colour to the covers. Sentinel Locomotives from the Chester Works - Part 1 by John M. Hutchings, Wilson's Steam Crane 'Jubilee' Excavator by John Horne, Forest Railways of Romania by D. Turnock, Mystery Corner by John Horne, Industrial Review of 1990 by D. D. Darvill and J. A. Foster, and Les Charlton.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.126 September 1991, Industrial Railway Society, p297-p332.  Pb.  VG.  Slight loss of colour down the spine.  End of the Line at Barnburgh-Manvers by John Cowburn, Sentinel Locomotives from the Chester Works - Part 2 by John M. Hutchings, A North Wales Locomotive Mystery by D. Clayton, Chinese Claytons by R. D. Darvill, Covasna Forest Railway by D. Turnock, The 1991 Annual General Meeting, and Mystery Corner by Paul Corner.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.127 Dec 1991, Industrial Railway Society, p333-p372.  Pb.  VG.  Slight loss of colour to the covers. Contents: The Standish Collieries Railway by Steven Oakden, The Tramways of West Penwith by G. Smith-Grogan, Industrial Locomotives of Central France by Keith Clingan, Industrial Railways of Palestine and Israel (2): Desert Robots by Paul Cotterell, Pride of Whatley by D. R. Colley, and A Rebuilt Handyside Locomotive.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.128 March 1992, Industrial Railway Society, p373-p412.  Pb.  VG.  Slight loss of colour down the spine.  Contents: Early Railways at Shoeburyness by Harry Paar, Yorkshire 2480, Unusual Works Numbers by Roger West, Birmingham Gas Department Hopper Wagons by John Horne, Simbah by Uwe Bergmann, Further Notes on Peckett 501 by D. Clayton, British Standard Diesels in the Netherlands by Henk Kolkman, and One Less Boulton Enigma? by Trevor Lodge.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.132 March 1993, Industrial Railway Society, p81-p102.  Pb.  VG.  Slight wear to the covers.  Contents: Oporto Docks by A. J. Booth, Oporto Customs House by A. J. Booth, Underfeed Stoker Locomotives in Northumberland by Trevor Scott, Kleber by K. W. Clingan, Torpedo Ladle Cars by Sydney A. Leleux, Some Gloucestershire Notes by Norman Irvine, Overturned Locomotive Fatality: Fireman Crushed by Upset Engine, One Less Boulton Enigma - More About HERCULES, Industrial Trains by Ken Scanes, A Motor Rail for Frankley Waterworks by Ray Shill, and Mystery Corner by E. D. Chambers.  1.95

Industrial Railway Record No.134 Sept 1993, Industrial Railway Society, p161-p200.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: Destination Templeborough by C. B. Golding, Early Compound Industrial Locomotive with a Steam Tender by Keith Clingan, Trafford Park Estate Railway into the 1990s by Chris Gee, St Germans Quay Tramway by Michael Messenger, Decline of Steam at Ashington by Trevor Scott, French Mystery Corner by Keith Clingan, and A Hunslet Hundred.  1.95

Austerity Saddle Tank Locomotives (Industrial Railway Record 203), Industrial Railway Society, 2010, p49-p96.  Card Covers.  VG.  Contents include: The British Austerity Tank Locomotive; Modifications to NCB Steam Engines: A Postscript; Coal Board, Steel & Iron Ore; Modified Austerities; waterloo Main: An Austerity Pit; Last MoD Steam Locomotive; Austerity Experiences; and Austerity Manufacturers.  4.95

Industrial Railway Record No.204 March 2011, Industrial Railway Society, p97-144.  Pb.  VG.  Contents: LEW moves to Brazil by Dave Tooke, Distillery 88hp Rustons, Industrial Railways in Erith and Crayford Part 1. The Brickfields and Other Mineral Extraction by David Monk-Steel, New Industrial Diesel Locomotives by Ian Bendall, Industrial Railways of Palestine and Israel (12) The Palestine (now Israel) Portland 'Nesher' Cement Company by Paul Cotterell, and Peckett 977 & the Ayr Harbour Trust by Iain Hope.  1.95

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