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Atlantic Publications

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Please consult the How to Order section before ordering any books.

This page brings together all the books published by Atlantic Publications.

Atlantic Paperback Series

Branch Line Memories Series

Reade, Lewis  Great Western, Atlantic, 1983, pp48.  Pb.  VG.  Branch Line Memories Vol.1.  An affectionate photographic portrait of Great Western branch lines.  £2.95

Whitehouse P B  LMS, Atlantic, 1983, pp48.  Branch Line Memories Vol.2.  Pb.  VG+.  A photographic tribute to the branch lines of the LMS.  £1.95

Wright, Ian L  LNER, Atlantic, 1986, pp48.  Branch Line Memories Vol.4 Pb.  VG.  A photographic tribute to the branch lines of the LNER.  £2.95


Colour of British Rail Series

Ballantyne, Hugh  West Coast Main Line, Atlantic, 1989, pp48.  The Colour of British Rail Vol.2Pb.  VG+.  The West Coast Route before the recent modernisation.  £2.95

Huntriss, Derek  London Midland in the Fells: The Colour of Steam Vol.5, Atlantic, 1986, pp36.  Colour of Steam Series.  Pb.  VG.  £1.95

Morrison, Gavin  East Coast Main Line, Atlantic, 1992, pp48.  The Colour of British Rail Vol.3.  Pb.  Very Good.  Covering thirty years of change between London and Edinburgh: 1960-1990.  £1.95

Pirt, Keith  East Coast Main Line - Retford, Atlantic, 1989, pp48.  Colour of Steam Series Vol.7.  Pb.  VG.  £1.95

Stephens, Robert  Diesel Pioneers: The British Rail Diesel Loco Fleet up to 1970, Atlantic, 1988, pp48.  The Colour of British Rail Vol.1.  Pb.  VG+.  A well-captioned all-colour album of early diesels.  £1.95


Colour of Steam Series

Riley R C  The Somerset and Dorset Line, Atlantic, 1984, pp36.  Colour of Steam Vol.2.  Pb.  VG+.  £0.95

Townend P N  The LNER Pacifics, Atlantic, 1985, pp36.  Colour of Steam Vol.4.  Pb.  Fine.  £0.95

Trevena N  Great Western Main Lines, Atlantic, 1984, pp36.  The Colour of Steam Vol.1.  Pb.  Fine.  Some superficial ‘creasing’ to the plastic coating of the covers.  £0.95


From BR to Beeching

Whitehouse, Patrick and Jenkinson, David  From BR to Beeching Vol.1: The Routes of the Stars, Castles and Kings, Atlantic, 1990, pp60.  Pb.  Generally VG, with some superficial creasing to the covers.  A pictorial tribute with sections on: The West of England Main Line, The South Wales Main Line, Paddington to Chester, Hereford - Worcester - Oxford, West to North, Bristol to Birmingham. and Swindon to Gloucester.  £1.95

Whitehouse, Patrick and Jenkinson, David  From BR to Beeching Vol.2: Four Coupled Twilight Part 1, Atlantic, 1990, pp60.  Pb.  VG.  A pictorial tribute with sections on each loco class.  £1.95

Whitehouse, Patrick and Jenkinson, David  From BR to Beeching Vol.3: The Routes of the Thompson and Peppercorn Pacifics, Atlantic, 1990, pp60.  Card Covers.  Very Good. VG with some superficial creasing of the plastic coating on the rear cover. A pictorial tribute.  £1.95

Whitehouse, Patrick & Jenkinson, David  From BR to Beeching Vol.4: Four Coupled Twilight Part 2, Atlantic, 1990, pp60.  Pb.  VG.  Slight creasing to the covers.  A pictorial tribute with sections on each loco class.  £1.95


Trains in Trouble Series

Hoole, Ken  Trains in Trouble Vol. 3: Railway Accidents in Pictures, Atlantic, 1982, pp48.  Pb.  VG. Spine faded; faint crease to cover.  £1.95

Earnshaw, Alan  Trains in Trouble Vol.5: Railway Accidents in Pictures, Atlantic, 1989, pp48.  Pb.  VG.  £2.95

Earnshaw, Alan  Trains in Trouble Vol.6: Railway Accidents in Pictures, Atlantic, 1990, pp48. Pb.  Generally VG, but with some superficial creasing on the surface of the covers.  £2.95

Earnshaw, Alan  Trains in Trouble Vol. 7: Railway Accidents in Pictures, Atlantic, 1991, pp48.  Pb.  VG.  Slight creasing to the cover.  £2.95


Other Atlantic Paperbacks Booklets

Earnshaw, Alan and Aldridge, Bill  British Railways Road Vehicles 1948 – 1968, Atlantic Transport Publishers and Trans Pennine Publishing, 1997, pp46.  Famous Fleets Vol.1.  Pb.  VG.  Some creasing across the top rear corner of the covers.  A well-illustrated survey.  £2.95

Edgington, John and Gilks, John Spencer  Trains from York, Atlantic, 2002, pp96.  Pb.  VG.  An album depicting the many services radiating from York through the years, mainly in black & white with some colour.  £4.95

Forsythe H G  Steam Shed Portrait, Atlantic, 1981, pp50.  Pb.  VG.  An illustrated booklet describing the day-to-day operation of a steam shed.  £0.95

Forsythe H G  Men of Steam: A portrait of life on the footplate, Atlantic, 1982, pp48.  Card Covers.  VG.  A well-illustrated booklet.  £0.95

Trevena, Nigel  Steam Exposure: Photography on Britain's Preserved Railways, Atlantic, 1979, 142 photographs.  Signed by the author.  Large landscape format Pb.  Very Good.  High quality photographs from the early years of the preserved lines.  £1.95

Trevena, Nigel  Steam for Scrap Vol.1, Atlantic, 1985, pp48.  Pb.  VG-.  Superficial creasing to the covers; Steam for Scrap Vol.2, Atlantic, 1985, pp48.  Pb.  VG; Steam for Scrap Vol.3, Atlantic, 1987, pp48.  Pb. VG.   In the decade 1958-68, over 16,000 British steam locomotives were taken out of service and cut up.  These booklets tell the story of how it was done.  All three booklets: £5.95

Wolmar, Christian  Fire & Steam: How the Railways Transformed Britain, Atlantic Books, 2008, pp364 plus 3 maps & 43 illustrations.  Pb.  VG.  Some vertical creasing to the spine. "Wolmar's aim - modestly presented, splendidly achieved - is to trace in an overarching narrative the development of the railways from the first days of steam to the arrival of the high-speed link into St Pancras."  £3.95

Wolmar, Christian  Blood, Iron & Gold: How the Railways Transformed the World, Atlantic, 2010, pp373.  Pb.  Near VG with some vertical creasing to the spine of the covers.  Examines the huge impact of railways as they spread rapidly across the world, stimulating both economic growth & social change on an unprecedented scale.  £3.95

Atlantic Hardbacks

Bartholomew, Ed and Blakemore, Michael  Railways in Focus: Photographs from the National Railway Museum, Atlantic, 1998, pp208.  Large Format.  Hard Cover. Very Good+ in a Very Good dust wrapper.  Superficial wear to the dust wrapper near the base of the spine and at the bottom front corner.  A lavishly produced book with sections on: Railways and Photography, At the Lineside, Stations & Structures, Handling the Traffic, and The Daily Round.  £5.95

Binding, John  Brunel's Cornish Viaducts, Pendragon/Atlantic, 1993, pp146 and numerous photographs and drawings.  Large Format Hb.  VG+ in a VG dust wrapper.  Slight loss of colour down the spine of the dust wrapper.  The construction and history of Brunel's famous timber railway viaducts.  £14.50

Brown G. A, Prideaux J D C A and Radcliffe H G  The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, Atlantic, 1996, pp135.  First published by David and Charles in 1964.  The Atlantic edition retains the original text, but takes advantage of the larger page size to add many additional illustrations.  Large Format Hb.  Fine in a VG+ dust wrapper.  £14.50

Coiley, John  Rocket to Eurostar: The National Railway Museum in Camera, Atlantic, 1996, 209 plates.  Large Format Hb. VG+/VG.  A photographic record of the National Railway Museum's wide range of activities.  £4.95

Cole, Beverley and The Guild of Railway Artists  Along Artistic Lines: Two Centuries of Railway Art, Atlantic, 2004, pp127.  Large landscape format Hb.  VG+/VG.  Reproduces some of the finest work from the NRM's art collection, including paintings by Terence Cuneo, David Sheppard, Hamilton Ellis, and the acclaimed poster artist Tom Purvis.  £24.50

Essery, Terry  Steam Locomotives Compared, Atlantic, 1996, pp160.  Small inscription, the number "736."  Hb.  Fine in a VG dust wrapper.  An experienced footplateman compares the good and bad points of many of the well-known steam types on which he worked.  As an added bonus he provides "what we firmly believe to be the finest description currently in print of how the steam locomotive works."  £9.50

Hadrill, John  Rails to the Sea: A Celebration of Railway Journeys Past And Present, Atlantic, 1999 pp192.  Very Large Format Hb.  VG+ in a VG dust wrapper.  A well-illustrated celebration of the connection between Britain's railways and trips to the seaside.  £5.95

Harris, Michael  LNER Carriages, Atlantic, 1995, pp160.  Large Format. Hb. VG in a VG dust wrapper.  Slight wear to the dust wrapper at the head of the spine.  A greatly expanded version of the author's earlier Gresley's Coaches that includes all carriages built for the LNER from 1923-47 and post war carriages to LNER design built after 1948.  £24.50

Jenkinson, David with Edgington, John and Smart, John  The Big Four in Colour 1935-50, Atlantic, 1994, pp192.  Large Format Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  In collaboration with John Edgington and John Smart.  Address sticker from the previous owner inside the front cover. Three hundred pre-1951 railway images in colour, over 80% from the company period itself of which over half are pre-war. With sections on the LMS, LNER, London Transport, GWR and SR.  £6.95

Jowett, Alan  Jowett's Nationalised Railway Atlas of Great Britain & Ireland with the privatised situation as at the 31st December 1993, Atlantic, 2000, pp240.  Large Format Hb.  Slight creasing at top of the rear dust wrapper else Fine in a Fine dust wrapper.  A series of Jowett's remarkable historical maps focusing on both the start and end of nationalisation.  £20.50

Parkin, Keith  British Railways Mark 1 Coaches, Pendragon/Atlantic, 1991, pp236 with numerous illustrations and drawings.  In association with The Historical Model Railway Society.  The original cloth bound edition with a dust wrapper.  Large Format Hb.  VG+ in a VG dust wrapper.  There is a tiny nick in the dust wrapper at the head of the spine.  A definitive study.  £36.50

Scott-Morgan, John  The Light Railway Era 1896-1996, Atlantic, 1997, pp190.  Hb.  Fine in a VG+ dust wrapper.  Combines two of the author's books, The Colonel Stephen's Railways and British Independent Light Railways in a single volume.  £5.95

Sharman, Bill  Main Line Steam: 25 Glorious Years of Preservation, Atlantic, 1997, pp144 with numerous colour and b/w illustrations.   Large Format Hb.  VG+/VG+.  "The story of how thousands of enthusiasts refused to let the steam train die, lovingly restoring locomotives some of which were bought out of service from British Rail, others rescued in scrapyard condition after languishing for years as rusting hulks, and returning over a hundred of them to the main line national network."  £5.95

Thomas, Cliff  The Narrow Gauge in Britain and Ireland, Atlantic, 2002, pp192.  Large Format Hb.  Fine/VG.  Provides comprehensive coverage of the present-day narrow gauge scene in Britain and Ireland.  £7.50

Williams, Geoffrey  Stars of Steam: Classic Locomotives and their Engineers, Atlantic, 2000, pp144.  Large Format Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  Examines the contributions of eighteen engineering giants from the steam age: Daniel Gooch, G. J. Churchward, Charles Collett, S. W. Johnson, David Jones, John McIntosh, F. W. Webb, William Stanier, James Holden, T. W. Worsdell & Wilson Worsdell, Patrick Stirling, H. N. Gresley, William Stroudley, Dugald Drummond, R. E. L. Maunsell, O. V. S. Bulleid, and R. A. Riddles.  £5.95

Wolmar, Christian  Fire & Steam: A New History of the Railways in Britain, Atlantic Books, 2007, pp364 plus 3 maps and 43 illustrations.  Signed by the author.  Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  A much-needed readable and up-to-date history of Britain's railways.  £4.95

Wolmar, Christian  Engines of War: How Wars Were Won & Lost on the Railways, Atlantic Books, 2010, pp310 with 9 maps & 48 illustrations.  Hb.  Fine/VG.  Engines of War spans more than a century and takes in all the engagements in which railways played a part, including the Crimean War, the American Civil War, the Boer War, both World Wars, the Korean War and the Cold War.  £5.95

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