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Please consult the How to Order section before ordering any books.

Dalesman published a wide range of informative booklets dealing with railways in the North and in particular in Yorkshire.

Their publications can be conveniently divided into two, first the familiar standard paperbacks in their predominately black covers, and secondly the more substantial landscape format paperbacks.   

"Standard" Paperbacks

Note that the colour on the covers of these paperbacks does not wear particularly well.  The description "superficial wear to the covers" is therefore more common than I would like, even though I discard a significant proportion of the copies that come in.  

Haigh A  Railways in West Yorkshire, Dalesman Books, 1st edition 1974, pp96.  Pb.  VG-.  A two-inch crease across the top front corner of the covers.  An illustrated history of the railways in West Yorkshire.  2.95

Hoole, Ken  Railways in Cleveland, Dalesman, 1971, pp96.  Pb.  VG-.  Superficial loss of colour on the front cover, otherwise VG.  An illustrated line-by-line history.  3.95

Hoole, Ken  Stockton and Darlington Railway: Anniversary Celebrations of the World's First Public Railway, Dalesman, 1974, pp96.  Pb.  VG- with superficial wear to the covers.  A brief history of the Stockton & Darlington, followed by details of the 1875 Jubilee and 1925 Centenary celebrations.  2.95

Hoole, Ken  Railways in the Yorkshire Dales, Dalesman, 1975, pp96.  Pb.  VG- with superficial wear to the covers.  Examines the railways in Wensleydale, The Richmond Branch, Nidderdale, The Masham Branch and Wharfedale.  3.95

Joy, David  Railways in the North: A Pictorial Introduction, Dalesman, 1970, pp96.  Card Covers.  Very Good.  Slight creasing on the covers.  A general introduction to the railways north of Liverpool - Sheffield - Hull, followed by a useful ten-page chapter on suggested further reading.  1.95

Joy, David  Main Line over Shap: The Story of the Lancaster-Carlisle Railway from Construction to Electrification, Dalesman, 1979, pp96.  A reprint of the 3rd edition of 1975.  Card Covers.  Very Good- with superficial wear to covers.  1.95

Joy, David  North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Dalesman, 1983, pp72.  Pb.  VG.  A pictorial survey of the preserved line from Pickering to Grosmont.  1.95

Mitchell W R and Joy David  Settle - Carlisle Railway: A New Edition, Dalesman, 1989, pp96.  Card Covers.  VG with some superficial rubbing to the edges of the covers.  An illustrated history.  1.95

Nicholson, Christopher P and Barnes, Peter  Railways in the Peak District, Dalesman, 1st edition 1971, pp96.  Pb.  VG.  Small superficial marks on the front cover.  The Midland, London North Western and Great Central Lines in the Peak District are all considered.  1.95

Nicholson, Christopher P  Main Lines in the Peak District: A Pictorial History, Dalesman, 1977, pp80.  Card Covers.  Very Good.  With sections on: Woodhead, The Hope Valley, and Railway through the Dales.  2.95


Landscape Format

Hoole, Ken  Railways of Teesside: A Pictorial History, Dalesman, 1982, pp72.  Landscape format Pb.  VG.  Slight loss of colour on the covers.  Examines the lines to the east of Eaglescliffe.  4.95

Hoole, Ken  Branch Line Trains in the North-East: A Pictorial Survey, Dalesman, 1979, pp80.  Landscape format Pb.  VG.  The photos are mainly from LNER days.  4.95

Hoole, Ken  Railways of Tyneside Vol.1: A pictorial history, Dalesman, 1983, pp72.  Landscape format Pb.  VG.  4.95

Joy, David  Whitby and Pickering Railway, Dalesman, 1971, pp80.  In collaboration with the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Preservation Society.  Pb.  VG-.  Some superficial wear to the covers.  An illustrated history of the line.  2.95

Joy, David  Railways of the Lake Counties, Dalesman, 1973, pp80.  A Dalesman Pictorial History.  Large Format.  Card Covers.  Very Good.  A largely pictorial historical survey.  3.95

Joy, David and Mitchell W R  Settle-Carlisle Centenary: 100 Years in Pictures of England's Highest Main Line Railway, Dalesman, 1975, pp96.  Landscape format Pb.  Near VG.  With sections on: Construction of the Line, Features of the Railway, Stations, The Golden Age, Accidents, Snow, and Motive Power.  2.95

Williams, Peter and Joy, David  North Yorkshire Moors Railway: A Pictorial Survey, Dalesman, 1977, pp80.  Landscape format Pb.  VG.  A pictorial survey of the line, both before and after preservation.  1.95


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