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Please consult the How to Order section before ordering any books.

Lake, Chas S  Locomotives of 1906, Percival Marshall, pp40.  Landscape format.  Paper covered illustrated boards. VG-.  Slight rubbing to the bottom edge of the covers and slight loss of colour, but generally in remarkably good condition for a one hundred-year old book.  An illustrated review of developments of locomotive practice in 1906.  24.50

Lamb, David R  Modern Railway Operation, Pitman & Sons, Reprint of 3rd edition 1946, pp243 with 82 figs, including many fold-out.  Pitman's Transport Library.  Inscription.  No dw.  Hb.  VG- with a one-inch crease across the top front corner of the cover. Originally written for aspiring railwaymen, this book now provides an excellent description of how British railways were organised and operated before the war.  8.50

Lambert, Anthony  Highland Railway Album, IA, 1st edition 1974, pp112 with a colour frontis.  The original Ian Allan edition.  Hard Cover.  Very Good in a Very Good dust wrapper.  Slight wear to the top edge of the dust wrapper.  A high-quality album dedicated to the Highland Railway.  5.95

Lambert, Anthony  Highland Railway Album - 2, IA, 1st edition 1978, pp128 with a colour frontis.  Hard Cover.  Very Good in a Very Good dust wrapper.  A second pictorial album dedicated to the Highland Railway.  5.95

Lambert, Anthony  East Midlands Branch Line Album, IA, 1978, pp124.  Small inscription, the number "177."  Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  A line-by-line pictorial survey.  4.95

Lambert, Anthony J  Miniature Railways Past & Present, D&C, 1982, pp96.  Glazed Boards.  VG+.  A comprehensive illustrated history of miniature railways with track gauges ranging between 7.25inches and 20 inches.  4.95

Lambert, Anthony  Explore Britain's Steam Railways, AA, 1995, pp160.  Foreword by Christopher Awdry.  "Largish" format.  Glazed boards with dw.  VG+ in a VG dust wrapper.  "A fully-illustrated guide to more than forty of the very best preserved railways all over the country, including their history and rolling stock."  Illustrated in colour throughout.  3.95

Lambert, Anthony  The Glorious Age of Steam, Reader's Digest, 1997, pp224.  Large Format.  Glazed boards with dw.  Large format.  Fine/VG+.  A nostalgic journey through the steam age, well-illustrated in colour and black & white.  4.95

Lambert, Anthony  Heritage Railways of the British Isles, Index Publishing, 1999, pp256.  Address sticker from the previous owner inside the front cover.  Very Large Format.  Glazed boards with a dust wrapper.  VG+ in a Fine dust wrapper.  Slight wear to the top rear edge of the dust wrapper. An area by area survey, well-illustrated in colour.  4.95

Lambert, Anthony J  Marylebone Station Centenary 1899-1999, Chiltern Railways and Railtrack, pp32.  Large Format Pb.  VG.  Three-inch crease across the top rear corner of the cover.  A well-illustrated booklet.  6.95

Langston, Keith  British Steam Preserved, Mortons, 2008, pp130.  For W. H. Smith.   Large Format Pb.  VG.  A comprehensive illustrated listing of ex-British Railways steam locomotives.  3.95

Langston, Keith  British Steam Past & Present Vol.3, Mortons, 2009, pp130.  For W. H. Smith.  Large Format Pb.  VG.  Contents include: Royal Scot, Bluebell Railway, Beattock Bank, Tornado, Churnet Valley, Oxford - Steam Focus, Patriot, Irish Steam, and NER Raven Q6.  3.95

Larkin, Edgar  An Illustrated History of British Railway Workshops: Locomotive, carriage and wagon building from 1825 to the present day, OPC, 2006, pp184.  This is the original OPC edition, rather than the later HRP reprint.  Large Format.  Glazed boards with a dust wrapper.  Fine in a VG dust wrapper.  A unique record of the works at nationalisation including plans of all the main locomotive works where they have not been previously published.  5.95

Latham J B  The History of Croydon Gas & Electricity Works and Their Locomotives, author, 1970,  pp24 including pp11 of illustrations and a two-page plan.  Pb. VG+.  The title on the covers is The Locomotives of Croydon Gas & Electricity Works.  7.50

Law R J  The Steam Engine: A brief history of the reciprocating engine, HMSO, 3rd impression 1972, pp32.  A Science Museum Booklet.  Pb.  VG.  An illustrated booklet with sections on Thomas Savery & the First Steam Pump, Newcomen's Atmospheric Engine, Watt's Invention of the Separate Condenser, The Rotative Engine, High Pressure Steam, The Cornish Pumping Engine, The Compound Engine, The Corliss Engine, High Speed Steam Engines, The Uniflow Engine, Progress on Fuel Economy, and The Development of Land Boilers.  1.95

Leech, Kenneth and Boddy, Maurice  The Stirling Singles, D&C, 1965, pp160 and colour frontis.  David and Charles Locomotive Monographs.  Hb.  VG in a Fair dust wrapper.  Wear to the spine of the dust wrapper; the dust wrapper also internally repaired along the top edge and at the base of the spine with slight loss at the head of the spine.  A comprehensive history.  20.50

Leigh, Chris  Rail Routes in Devon & Cornwall, IA, 1982, pp112.  Hb.  VG/VG.  Nick to the dw at the head of the spine, loss of colour down the dust wrapper spine.  An illustrated survey of the railway lines in Devon and Cornwall.  4.95

Leigh, Chris  The Aerofilms Book of Britain's Railways from the Air [Vol.1], IA, 1988, pp160.  The original Ian Allan edition.  Large Format Hb.  Very Good+ in a Very Good+ dust wrapper.  A collection of historical aerial photographs from the Aerofilms library.  5.95

Leigh, Chris  The Aerofilms Book of Britain's Railways from the Air [Vol.1], PRC, 1995, pp160.  Large Format.  Glazed Boards. Fine/VG.  A collection of historical aerial photographs from the Aerofilms library.  First published by Ian Allan in 1987, reprinted here by PRC in a matt format.  4.95

Leigh, Chris  Portrait of the Lynton and Barnstaple, IA, 1989, pp96.  Glazed Boards.  VG.  Slight rubbing to the corners of the glazed boards.  Arranged as a journey from Barnstaple to Lynton, with drawings where appropriate, and with final sections on locomotives and rolling stock.   6.95

Leigh, Chris  The Western before Beeching, IA, 1990, pp112.  Large Format Hb.  VG+ in a VG dust wrapper.  A nostalgic look at the Western Region of the 1950s and early 60s.  6.95

Leitch, Russell  The Railways of Keynsham: featuring Fry's Chocolate passenger & freight operations, RCTS, 1997, pp156.  Card Covers.  VG.  Slight loss of colour at the head of the spine, some superficial creasing on the surface of the covers.  A detailed history of the railway at Keynsham, on the line between Bristol and Bath.  7.50

Levett D A and Andrews H I  A Survey of Adhesion on the Dainton and Rattray Bank - Western Region, British Railways Research Department, 1965.  Three typed pages and 9 large fold-out figures.  Large Format Pb.  Fair.  The report is crudely produced by today's standards, but was typical of the time.  It recommends that sections of the line on Dainton and Rattray banks should be treated experimentally with a 1% solution of ethyl capryllate to improve adhesion.  The proposed distribution points are marked in the figures. This is the personal copy of Dr Andrews, one of the authors.  8.50

Lewis J H, Lloyd M E M, Metcalf R C, and Miller N R  All About GWR Iron Minks, HMRS (Historical Model Railway Society), 1980, pp56.  Large Format Pb.  VG.  A comprehensive history with numerous photographs and drawings.  7.50

Lewis L P  Railway Signal Engineering (Mechanical), Peter Kay, 1995, pp383 with 258 illustrations. Third edition revised and enlarged by J. H. Fraser.  The original 383 pages are rearranged in A4 format resulting in a reduction in the actual number of pages.  Large Format Pb.  VG.  A reprint of the 1932 revised edition of L. P. Lewis' book originally published in 1912.  12.50

Lidster, J Robin  The Scarborough & Whitby Railway: A Photographic & Historical Survey, Hendon Publishing Company, 3rd impression 1981, pp44.  Large landscape format Pb.  VG.  4.95

Lidster, J Robin  The Scarborough & Whitby Railway: A Photographic & Historical Survey, Hendon Publishing Company, 5th impression 1984, pp44.  Small inscription, the number "740."  Large landscape format Pb.  Near VG.  Some slight rubbing on the front cover, old price sticker inside the cover.  4.95

Lilleker G A  Experience of Running the High Speed Train, C.M. & E.E. Department, British Railways Board, 1973, pp16.  Large Format Pb.  VG.  A report on initial experience with the HST prototype.  Presented at the BR Conference on the High Speed Train Design and Maintenance.  5.95

Lingard, Richard  The Woodstock Branch, OPC, 1973, pp60.  Pb.  VG.  An illustrated history of the Great Western Branch to Woodstock in Oxfordshire.  4.95

Lingard, Richard  Princes Risborough - Thame - Oxford Railway, OPC, 1978, pp130.  Large Format Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  Spine of the dust wrapper slightly sunned.  A history of the line, much of it dedicated to an illustrated traversal of the route.  10.50

Lissenden, Rodney  South Eastern Steam, IA, 1989, pp64.  Steam 7 Portfolios.  Glazed Boards. VG+.  Top of spine slightly bumped.  An all-colour landscape-format album depicting steam operations on the South East area of the Southern Railway in British Rail days.  4.95

Lissenden, Rodney  Steam in England: The Classic Colour Photography of R. C. Riley, IA, 2009, pp160.  With contributions by Dick Hardy, Nicholas Owen and Christine Riley.  Large landscape format Hb.  VG+/VG+.  12.50

Lloyd, David and Insall, Donald  Railway Station Architecture, D&C, 1978, pp60 with pp8 of illustrations.  First published in Industrial Archaeology in 1967.  Hb.  VG+/VG.  Spine slightly sunned. "The Norfolk Railway Society" is stamped inside the front cover.  There is also a presentation plate from David Shaw, a former chairman of the society.  3.95

Lloyd, John and Brown, Murray  Preserved Railway Carriages, SLP, 1992, pp256.  Pb.  VG with superficial wear to the bottom corner of the front cover.  A complete stock-book of all known standard gauge carriages and passenger-rated vans preserved in Great Britain and Ireland.  3.95

Lloyd, Mike  The Tanat Valley Light Railway, Wild Swan, 1990, pp112 with numerous illustrations and drawings.  Large Format.  Card Covers.  Very Good.  Loss of colour down the spine of the covers.  There is also some superficial surface "ceasing" on the front of the covers.  A comprehensive study of the line which briefly became part of the Cambrian Railways before being absorbed into the Great Western Railway at the Grouping.  12.50

Lloyd, Roger  The Fascination of Railways, Allen & Unwin, 1951, pp160 with colour frontis and 21 b/w plates.  Bookplate from previous owner.  Hb.  No dust wrapper.  VG.  The top corner of the covers is slightly bumped.  A classic series of essays on the post-war railway scene immediately after nationalisation.  3.95

Lloyd, Roger  Railwaymen's Gallery, A&U, 1953, pp168. Inscription.  Hb.  VG in a Fair dust wrapper.  Tears to the internally repaired dust wrapper with slight loss.  A series of essays on the steam age railway with chapters on Pioneers, The Old English Navy, The Decline & Fall of the Euston Empire 1848 - 1858, Portrait of a Victorian Railway, The Railway Towns, The Highland Railway at War 1939-1945, Behind the Christmas Scenes at Crewe, and A Railwayman's View of the Highlands.  3.95

Lloyd, Roger  Farewell to Steam,  A&U, 1956, pp128.  Hb.  No dust wrapper.  VG.  A classic tribute to the passing age of steam.  2.95

Lombardelli C P  Braintree and its Railways in Pictures, Author, 1982, pp32.  Card covers.  Very Good.  There is a faint crease across the top corners.  A photographic record of Braintree's railways over the years.  3.95

Loosemore J P  Signal Control Circuits (British Practice), Institute of Railway Signal Engineers, 1951, pp40 with 33 figs.  Educational Lectures No.7.  Pb.  VG.  In four parts: Semaphore Signals, Colour-Light Signals, Route Indicators, and Subsidiary Signals.  4.95

Loosemore J P  Typical Selection Circuits (British Practice), Institute of Railway Signal Engineers, 1951, pp31 with 23 figs.  Educational Lectures No.8.  Pb.  VG.  4.95

Lowe, Derek J  Return to Pwllheli Please: Along the Cambrian Coast, Foxline, pp120.  No Date.  Scenes from the Past:53.  Large Format.  Card Covers.  Very Good.  10.50

Lowe, James W  British Steam Locomotive Builders, Goose and Son, 1975, pp704, 541 photographs & 47 diagrams.  The first edition in a slip case.  Hb.  Very Good+ in a Very Good- dust wrapper.  Some wear to the corners of the dust wrapper, both at the two top corners and at the head of the spine.  The slip case is generally in VG condition, but with some wear superficial wear to the edges.  12.50

Lowe, James W  British Steam Locomotive Builders, Guild/TEE, 1989, pp704, 541 photographs and 47 diagrams.  First published in 1975.  Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  A comprehensive reference work on all known builders of steam locomotives; this is the original version with a dust wrapper.  14.50

Lowe, James W  British Steam Locomotive Builders Supplement, TEE, 1984, pp56.  Pb.  VG- with some superficial wear to the covers.  Includes additional information and illustrations that have come to light in the nine years since the main work was published.  Surprisingly the information in the supplement was not included in the 1989 reprint of the main work.  5.95

Lowe, James W  Building Britain's Locomotives, Moorland, 1979, 150 pictures.  Glazed Boards.  VG with some loss of colour down the spine of the covers.  A photographic collection chosen to illustrate the operations and machinery involved in the manufacture of steam engines in Britain's railway workshops.  4.95

Lucking, John  The Weymouth Harbour Tramway, OPC, 1986, pp128.  Large format Hb.  VG in a VG dust wrapper.  A detailed history, very well illustrated.  24.50

Ludlam A J  The Louth, Mablethorpe and Willoughby Loop, Oakwood, 1987, pp64.  Locomotion Papers No.162.  Inscription.  Pb.  VG with slight rubbing to the edges of the covers.  A well-illustrated history of this Great Northern line in Lincolnshire.  7.50

Lumsdon, Les and Speakman, Colin  Great Walks from Welsh Railways, Sigma Leisure, 1989, pp160.  Pb.  VG.  A series of walks in Wales, all starting and finishing at stations both main line and narrow gauge. A detailed map is included for each walk.  3.95

Lund, Brian  Derbyshire Railway Stations on old picture postcards, Reflections of a Bygone Age, pp36.  No date.  Card Covers.  VG with slight loss of colour down the spine.  A selection of early picture postcards with informative captions.  2.95

Lynch P J  North Eastern Steam Locomotive Album, Bradford Barton, 1975, pp96.  Hb.  VG in a VG- dust wrapper.  With slight wear to the two front corners of the dust wrapper.  A Bradford Barton original in a green "speckled" hardback cover.  4.95

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